Very nice mention / review

September 12, 2009

We have just discovered a really nice piece of writing about the Hard Line Industrial Distortion written by Mark A. Galang for GearWire. Great writing, very professional:


Thank you and a warning

September 12, 2009

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the Hard Line Industrial Distortion! It has been a great success and we’ve had some great comments and a few very nice musicians tell us how much they like the effect.

Please remember that our website and official partners are the ONLY websites that are authorized to offer our software for download (see )

If you download our software from a different website, we cannot be responsible for any damage to your computer because of viruses and spyware (and yes, there are such websites ‘offering’ our VST already…).

The software offered on our website has absolutely none of these problems.


We are LIVE!

September 9, 2009

The new website has just been uploaded with the HARD LINE industrial distortion VST effect. Check out the site and download the plugin here:


Below is a demonstration video of the HARD LINE Industrial Distortion with a drum loop playing while the GAIN control is slowly rotating:

And here is another demo video using a bass line loop:

Download it and make some noise!

The first effect plugin is now ready, and will be available as a download as soon as the website is ready for launch.